The Forward Discovers the Real Iran, Not Netanyahu’s Caricature — The Forward com

iran-mural-girl-1439744451Trita ParsiAugust 17, 2015Image: Getty Images


Over the course of the past 25 years, the image of Iran presented by the Israeli government has become increasingly simplistic, one-dimensional, void of any nuance — in short, incomplete at best and inaccurate at worst. The Iranian government itself has contributed greatly in reducing the image of Iran to an invariably menacing entity with no other purpose than to create headaches for the West and Israel.


The real Iran is very different from Netanyahu’s Iran. The Israeli prime minister’s depictions of Iran have become increasingly comical over the years, from claiming that Iran constitutes an existential threat to Israel (questionable at best as this is challenged by many senior officials in Israel’s security establishment ), to asserting that Iranians are not allowed to wear jeans (prompting Iranians to take to social media to post pictures of themselves wearing jeansto mock Netanyahu ), to tweeting that Iran’s ultimate objective is to take over the entire planet , to presenting Iran as if it is as obsessed with Israel as Netanyahu is with Iran.


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