Glass coating lets solar panels absorb light from multiple angles, clean themselves — by Megan Treacy on Tree Hugger com

solar panels on roof

CC BY 2.0 joncallas


Researchers from King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan’s National Central University have developed a special glass coating they say could allow solar panels to absorb light from many angle and boost the efficiency and energy output of the panels.

The coating is made of a fused-silica packaging glass that features both tiny nanorod structures and large honeycomb-shaped nanowalls. The combination of those two structures captures and scatters light in a way that boosts solar cell efficiency. The American Chemical Society says, “The cell efficiency can be boosted by 5.2 to 27.7 percent, depending on the angle of the light, and the efficiency enhancement can be up to 46 percent during long-term use.”

Read full on Tree Hugger com


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