Aga Khan academy Hyderabad and Telangana State Government to host international kite festival on 14th – 15th January, 2016, at the campus

Your fun will gift…
A different future to a girl child

A different future to a girl child

 What is KITE?

It’s Telangana’s first ever international kite festival.

When is KITE?
14th – 15th January, 2016. Day 1 for schools and students, Day 2 family focus.
Where is KITE?

At the breathtaking hundred acre campus of The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, near Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Who is KITE for?
Everyone! Children, students, parents, families, anyone who’s crazy about kites…

Why does KITE matter?
Because we want to make a difference to girl child education in Telangana, this Festival aspires to empower girls and young women by providing opportunities for quality education.

What’s happening at KITE?

#World-renowned international kite-flyers
#Food fair profiling regional delicacies
#Telangana artisan and crafts market organised by Shilparamam, the arts, crafts and cultural village at Hyderabad
#Culture of kites – film presentation and exhibition
#Fun and creative kite activities for children…and their parents!

How do we get to KITE?
Transport arrangements are coming online, watch this space!

If you’re interested in joining the Telangana State Government and Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad in this initiative, please contact us here

Homepage of Telangana’s first ever international kite festival

International kite festival, Telangana -India

Telangana International Kite Festival Invitation Video


Hompage of AK Academies


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His Highness the Aga Khan speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad. – Photo: AKDN / Gary Otte


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