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Hamida Madhani’s Art works- Dizbad Jamatkhana


(Dizbad Watan e Mast)- if you look to the Dizbad History in the CA&CC Website, you can get somethings about the History of Nasir Khosraw School in Dizbad.

This article wrote with: Saidanwar SHOKHUMOROV

In the 1930s, on an instruction from the Imam, the Nizaritic villages of Khorasan got first schools. The very first of them appeared in 1932 in Dizbad and was called after Nasir Husrawa venerated by the Khorasan Ismailites.

Local communities paid for the schools—on an order from Aga Khan III 80 percent of collected taxes went to school building and education.

Dizbad Nasirkhosraw School(…)

There is no information about the numerical strength of the Nizarites in Iran yet there is a general idea that there are over 100 thousands of them. About half are concentrated in Khorasan, in the south and in the towns of Kain, Birjand, the village of Hoshk (with an agency of a Meshed committee) and also in Muminabad, Nasrabad, Mozdab, etc. Meshed is the home of several thousand Nizarites. They can also be found in the towns of Nishapur, Turbat and Haydaria, in smaller towns, in the villages of Dizbad, Kasymabat, Shah Taki and elsewhere.

Nizarites also live in Iran’s central regions, especially in Teheran; there are jamaat-khanes in nine villages around Mahallat. Small numbers of Nizarites can be found in the province

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Iran, Muslim Scholars: Tomb of Khaki Khorasani, Dizbad, Iran — Ismaili Mail

Khaki Khurasani (d. after 1056 AH / 1646 CE)

By Sayyad Jalal Badakhchani

Tomb of Khaki Khurasani, Imamquli, Isma‘ili poet and preacherKhaki Khurasani, Imamquli, Isma‘ili poet and preacher of 17th-century Persia (b. Dizbad; d. Dizbad, after 1056 AH / 1646 CE). He was born in Dizbad, a village in the hills half way between Mashhad and Nishapur, which at the time was the largest dwelling place of the Isma‘ilis of northern Khurasan.

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Dizbad Jamatkhana, Iran — Ismaili Mail


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Hamida Madhani’s Art works: Dizbad Jamatkhana  – Frontispiece Modern Rendering — Simerg  com

Hamida Madhani's Architectural Rendering of Dizbad JamatKhanaRead view more on Simerg com


USA: Hamida Madhani amazing artist with the heart for humanity PBSJ blog

Artist Hamida Madhani

Artist Hamida Madhani

Read and view on PBSJ Blog



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