A ‘Hotel Room To Classroom’ Campaign Aiming To Eradicate Kerosene Lamps In Rural Kenya — Coast Week Com|What is Sunny Money?- watch Videos

Coastweek– A ground breaking initiative brought alive by the Nairobi Serena Hotel and SunnyMoney solar lights.

Only 7 per cent of Kenya’s rural population have access to electricity.


Understanding that a majority of schools in Nairobi are on the grid, The Nairobi Serena has decided to extend a hand by aiding schools that are located around Serena Lodges across Kenya.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge was the first to be highlighted and the solar lights purchased will go to Isokon Primary School in the Mara.

The solar lights will be used by standard eight candidates and standard seven students with the aim of helping them study better throughout the rest of the year.

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One Small Light Makes A BIG Difference — Sunny Money org

It’s time to turn on the lights with power from the sun. SunnyMoney is the largest seller and distributor of high quality solar lights in Africa, where over 600 million people don’t have access to electricity. Replacing kerosene or paraffin with portable, affordable solar lights saves money, enables more study time, improves health, makes a home safer and saves the environment from harmful black carbon.

Read more on http://sunnymoney.org/


Serena Nairobi


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SunnyMoney solar lights and the Nairobi Serena hotel have come together to brighten the lives of students in rural Kenya. The Hotel Room to Classroom campaign, will see guests at the Nairobi Serena donate USD 10 or more that will towards getting a solar light into the hands of a standard 8 student in rural Kenya.

Only 7% of Kenya’s rural population have access to electricity. Without light, opportunities for earning, learning and socialising are severely limited. The productive day is cut short so that children cannot study, parents cannot work and families cannot enjoy time together after the sun sets.

Solar lightsWhen darkness falls millions depend on costly, polluting and toxic sources of lighting for their homes, school dormitories and shops. This dependency locks people into a cycle of poverty; draining their income, damaging their health and causing fires and fatal burns. Burning fuels like kerosene also releases carbon dioxide and black carbon into the atmosphere, which is bad for the environment.

“My name is Aaron Kibuthi, am in Standard 8 and I have 15 years old. I go to Gatituni Primary School in Tharaka Nthi. I want to become a teacher [when I finish school]. I love English and Mathematics.” Aaron’s father bought a solar light from SunnyMoney for him to study. “My parent uses the solar light first when eating dinner and then I take it for my studies. I have seen that these solar lights are good because the light is bright in the night time.”

Aaron Kibuthi – Student, Gatituni Primary

SunnyMoney solar lights provide clean, bright light for up to 5 years. The solar lights will be donated to selected schools, in communities surrounding Serena Hotels and Lodges countrywide. Each standard 8 candidate in those selected schools will be loaned a solar light for the year, returning them after sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E.) exams. This ensures that students enjoy the benefits of using the solar lights for several years.

Research shows that students study at least an extra hour every evening with a solar light and that just one solar light:

improves the lives of around 6 people
Saves a family £130
Enables an extra 1200 hours of study
Averts half a tonne of CO2

The above figures are calculated using SolarAid’s own research, our own sales figures, and those put forward by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association. The impact figures are taken over the lifetime of the light.
Read more on http://sunnymoney.org/index.php/serena/

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