‘Keyhole surgery, transplant have revolutionised bone treatment’ — The News com Pakistan

MKRMS seminar

LAHORE: The keyhole surgery and bone transplant have revolutionised the bone treatment in Pakistan in a cost effective manner.

This was informed during a seminar on “Joint Pain, Keyhole Surgery and Sports Injury” organised by Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers) in collaboration with the National Hospital, ALLMED Solutions, at a local hotel on Saturday.

Delivering a keynote lecture, Prof Dr MA Wajid, FRCS (Trauma and Ortho), Head of Orthopaedic at Shalimar Medical College/National Hospital Defence and ex-Head of Orthopaedic at Aga Khan University Karachi said every third Pakistani was suffering from backache, headache, joint and neck pains, frozen shoulder and shoulder dislocation adding ratio of these body pains was double among women. He said sportsmen suffered injuries several times, which cast adverse effect on their sporting careers. “At least 200 sportsmen suffer serious sports injuries in Pakistan every year,” he added. He said obesity was a biggest cause of bone and joint pains.

He said good news was that latest bone treatment was now available in Pakistan and the people need not go abroad to get treatment of bones at exorbitant rates. He said treatment of nine out of 10 patients of bones was possible through physiotherapy and medicines whereas only one percent of patients required surgical treatment. He said keyhole surgery was done to reduce lubrication between joints and bones adding only a buttonhole size incision was done to perform this procedure.

“The specialist doctor views the problem in bones and joints by inserting a camera through the hole and treats the problem there and then,” he explained adding patient didn’t need stitches and could go home immediately after the keyhole surgery. “This keyhole surgery is very effective for diabetic patients,” he added.

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