Afghanistan Gets Set for the Launch of the 5th Annual RAPL Green Field — Khaama com|One nation, one voice is the motto of RAPL

The Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF

The Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF); Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading total communications provider; and MOBY GROUP, Afghanistan’s largest media conglomerate are proud to announce the commencement of the fifth annual Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) Green Field. This marks the kick-off of RAPL regional tournaments which will take place across eight regions of Afghanistan. The opening ceremony will take place on Friday April 8, 2016 in Kabul.

We are looking forward to improving upon last year’s jubilation for the league which was tangibly felt throughout the country. The 2015 RAPL season saw millions of Afghans cheer on young footballers from across the country as they competed for pride, love of football, and the prestigious RAPL trophy.


Roshan is a true Afghanistan success story, serving as a catalyst for economic growth and actively contributing to the country’s long-term development. Since its inception in 2003, Roshan has invested over $600 million in Afghanistan and is the country’s single largest investor and taxpayer, contributing approximately five percent of the Afghan government’s overall domestic revenue. Roshan directly employs around 900 people, 19 percent of whom are women, and provides indirect employment to more than 35,000 people.

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