Frasha Explains The Passion Behind His Charitable Activities — Star co Kenya


Rapper Frasha

Rapper Frasha was over the weekend in Machakos as part of his I Am Frasha Foundation charitable activities. The former doctor fell in love with hip hop and quit his job, but the passion for the craft is still embedded deep in his heart.

Speaking about his trip yesterday in the Katangi area of Machakos, Frasha told Word Is , “Together with my team, and an amazing support by Sportpesa and Easy Taxi, we went for our final visit of Katangi, where we donated a tuk tuk and some 10 wheelchairs for use by the disabled kids. The reason why chose to do charity work for kids living with disabilities, was because of my past experiences at Aga Khan. I used to associate myself a lot with such kids and I know their medical needs and the challenges that they go through. My background in medicine pushed me to take this path. It’s a journey I will pursue even further in touching more lives.”

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