Preaching peace: The impact of Sufis on society — Tribune com Pakistan

Sufi conference Pakistan


KARACHI: True to the Sufi tradition, the Sufi Conference is successfully being led by women, remarked Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Aitzaz Ahsan.

He was giving presidential remarks at the final session on the second day of the Second International Sufi Conference at National Museum of Pakistan on Sunday evening.

According to him, the Sufi belief of love, peace and tolerance are needed in society, as Sufis are against the rigid norms and stereotypes being imposed by society. This leads back to the session’s topic; the relevance of Sufism today.


Sufi unity lies not in uniformity but diversity. There is no unity without diversity, said writer Aksri Mufti, speaking at the session, titled ’19th-20th Century Sufi Poets’. The session started with singer Zulfiqar Ali performing his rendition of the works of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

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