Video Podcast: Khalil Andani’s Q&A on Ismaili Islam on Talk Gnosis (Part II)


Khalil Andani Discusses Ismaili Islam and Gnosis on Talk GnosisKhalil Andani answers the following questions on esoteric Ismailism and Islam. Father Tony Silvia and Khalil also discuss the environment of Islamophobia affecting the Muslims.

  1. What sort of changes in interpretation and practice take place from Imam to Imam through Ismaili history?
  2. What are the specific features of Ismaili Neoplatonism and Cosmology – like God, Universal Intellect, Universal Soul?
  3. What is the Ismaili thought on why bad things happen on earth?
  4. Is there a common core within all these different esoteric traditions?
  5. What is the role/status of Jesus Christ in Islam in general and in Ismaili thought?
  6. Pluralism and other spiritual paths
  7. When does the Imam obtain gnosis – does he get it when he becomes the Imam?
  8. Are the Imams infallible in the Ismaili tradition?
  9. The Ismailis are often thought of as being an antinomian sect. What is your opinion on this?
  10. Why did science & philosophy come to…

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