“The Burnt Faces” By Urooj Alnoor on Pamir Times | It is high time to end the brutal crimes on Females in Pakistan

Being an acid attack victim

“She has got a burnt face”, cried a girl while pointing at Zainab.

The statement made Zainab remember the bitter tragedy that she had been through a few months back.  Being an acid attack victim, Zainab knew she had to get used to the bullying, unpleasant stares, insensitive comments, and disgusted looks; a common manner in which many members of the society react on sight of an acid victim.

The Pakistanis have always been intolerant in nature.  Instead of pondering on a situation facing them, they prefer to remain eager to offer a knee jerk reaction. This nature of our society has led the system to deteriorate to the core while giving rise to crucial problems such as the one discussed here.


Many of the acid victims have even claimed their relatives to be the cause of the tragedy.  Similar to the barbaric era, in which the father used to kill his daughters, the trend continues likewise in many parts of Pakistan as well.  Daughters are considered to be a burden on the families that possess a conservative view of the society.  Raising and securing a girl child is thought to be a very challenging task which many of the parents avoid via killing the girl child inside the womb.  The girls who manage to make it to this world are not fortunate either.  Many attempts have been regarded to be made by the father, of acid victims, for the sake of eliminating them from the society.  Najaf Sultana from Lahore is an example of a girl whose father burnt her, using acid, in her sleep apparently because he did not desire to raise a girl.  Najaf Sultana, as a result of the attack, lost her vision together with being abandoned by her Family.

Read full on: Pamir Times Net

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