The Prophet prescribed his daughter Fatima a prayer to recite in times of difficulty


tasbihOne of the most important female figures for the roles of women is Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad and his first wife Khadija. Born around 604, Fatima is known as al-Zahra (the Radiant), after which the Al-Azhar University was named by Imam al-Mu’izz, who founded it in 972.

Fatima is noted by several writers as the Prophet’s most beloved and most pious daughter, and the wife of his paternal cousin Ali, the first Imam of the Shi’as. The Fatimids also derive their name from the Prophet’s daughter.

Qadi al-Numan (d. 974), the Fatimid jurist and chief missionary, reported that the union of Fatima and Ali was divinely ordained to the Prophet through angel Gabriel. Al-Nu’man also reported a number of hadiths in which the Prophet named Fatima as ‘the foremost lady of the whole community of believers’ or ‘the first of the women of Paradise.’

Clay plate with calligraphic inscription "Ya Fatima al-Zahra." Image: Wikipedia Clay plate with calligraphic inscription…

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