Bangladesh’s ‘Eco-Cooler’ Beats the Heat Without Electricity — By Rezwan on Global Voices org|Watch video

Making of an eco cooler. Screenshot from YouTube Video

Bangladesh has a hot, wet, and humid tropical climate with temperatures rising unto 45 degrees Celsius (113ºF) in the summer. Most of the rural Bangladeshi population lives in corrugated tin huts that can get dangerously hot under the scorching sunlight. Many of the houses do not have electricity to run affordable cooling devices, such as ceiling fans.

A new social venture has come up with a simple idea to provide a cheap solution to the problem. Grey Dhaka, the Bangladesh wing of New-York-based advertising agency Grey, and the Grameen Intel Social Business, a social business information technology company created in 2009 by Grameen Trust and Intel, teamed up to create the Eco-Cooler.

The Eco-Cooler is made of cardboard and used plastic bottles, which are ubiquitous in Bangladesh. Holes are cut in a grid from the cardboard, with plastic bottles fitted into the holes. (The bottoms of the bottles are removed, before this step.) As air rushes into the bottles at the wider part and hits the bottleneck, the air blown into the home cools markedly. The Eco-Cooler canlower the temperature by 5°C (9ºF) in a short time and that can make a difference.

Read more on Global Voices org

Watch Video on this remarkable invention:


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