“Weeding, sowing and harvesting: Aga Khan University – Education Board’s (AKU-EB)-emarking” — By Shermeen Zuberi on The News com Pakistan| The story behind

The story behind at Education Board's (AKU-EB)-emarking

Is there something that we dread more than preparing for an exam, or sitting for it? Perhaps not. Unless, you consider the wait before the results transpire. Frolicking aside, we are stressed beyond anything, wondering if we would ace the paper or stand out among all our mates; more so if the questions were, in our mind, ‘tough’ or ‘out of syllabus’. As much as we all like to blame the system, there’s one examination board that is currently working hard to eliminate all possibilities of human error and to provide a result sheet that is essentially fair to all those awaiting it. The Aga Khan University Education Board (AKU-EB) has a solution – its e-marking system, a unique feature it offered to put on full display for the stakeholders earlier this month after having concluded its April/May 2016 Examinations across Pakistan.

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Behind the scenes

The idiom ‘more than meets the eye’ rings true when it comes to the setup they have at their facility. And apparently everything that they do is not without purpose. Take this meeting, for instance. How else could they ensure these principals have the confidence that the system is safe and convey the same to the parents and students they have a one-on-one interaction with, if not by inviting them to see it’s not all about scanners and screens?

A model board to create a model student body

A year down the road of having introduced the CCTVs at the exam centres, they have transparency and credibility of the qualification to their credit. But, if one is to improve performances and continue excelling in the academic sector, then we have to take into account and  consider the fact that AKU-EB has trained 850 middle-school teachers, and reviewed and revised nine syllabi in the last five months. Since all examinations that are being conducted by the AKU-EB have to be reliable, valid and fair (based on best assessment practices), the process is pretty much rigorous, divided into three segments: examination paper development, e-marking and compilation of results.

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