Buddhist monks serve iftar for Muslims in Bangladesh — Al Jazeera

Monastery has been serving iftar meals to underprivileged Muslims during Ramadan for the past six years.

Buddist monks initiative for serving iftar to Muslims in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Every day during Ramadan, hundreds of Muslim men, women and children queue in front of a Buddhist monastery in the Bangladeshi capital to receive iftar, the food with which Muslims break their fast at sunset during the holy month.

The initiative by Dharmarajika Buddhist monastery to distribute food to poor and destitute Muslims is a rare example of social harmony between two groups from two different religions in a country that has witnessed spate of fatal attacks against minorities and secular activists.

Dharmarajika Buddhist monastery began this project six years ago, and monks say Ramadan is the best opportunity to help poor Muslims.

High Priest of the temple Shuddhanando Mohathero, who initiated the project, believes that “humanity is the ultimate goal of humans”.

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