Heaven on Earth – Hunza Valley

While there is life, there is hope!




The Heaven on Earth, Hunza Valley, a region in the Gilgit–Baltistan territory of northernmost Pakistan, is renowned for its spectacular natural scenery of majestic mountains and glittering lakes.  And  for the beauty of its people. People who enjoy long life expectancy. 

The rough mountain terrain, clean air and water, an abundance of healthy organic foods like dried apricots and almonds, and relative isolation are believed to have blessed the locals with excellent health and long  lives. 




 Apart of these, Hunza is renewed for something else which is really great.  At least three-quarters of people in the Valley – and virtually all the youths of both genders ,  can read and write (in a country where about 55 percent of the population is literate, and millions of girls are essentially blocked from attending school). Almost every child in Hunza attends school up to at least the high school level, while many pursue higher…

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