Arab Studies Institute Announces Release of Gaza in Context Pedagogy Project — Jadaliyya com|Watch and understand the truth

Israel does not have a Hamas problem, it does not have a Gaza problem, it has a Palestine problem. It has been two years since Israel’s most brutal attack on the Palestinian people of Palestine in its history.

2016-07-26 (4)

Despite overwhelming evidence of the disparity of power between Israel and all Palestinians and the aggressiveness of Israel’s exercise of its power, including excessive and brutal violence and collective punishment in Gaza in the form of occupation, siege, and frequent military assaults against dense and captive civilian populations, mainstream media and educational materials continue to frame Israel as the victim. This pedagogical project aims to correct the propagandistic character of mainstream media and educational coverage.Gaza in Context provides historical context, explaining Palestinian resistance, for what has been an Israeli narrative that exceptionalizes Gaza and removes it from the larger Palestinian struggle. This is an opportunity to understand the violence and Israel’s settler-colonial project.

A 20-minute multi-media film that combines lecture, animation, typography, and footage from Palestine is the centerpiece of the project. Its other components include a teaching guide for instructional purposes, a bibliography for research purposes, and a compendium of Jadaliyya articles featured in what we call aJadMag. All of these elements are housed on the project’s own website, which is part of a larger research project on Palestine headed by the Forum on Arab and Muslim Affairs at the Arab Studies Institute. All of these are open-source materials and available to all.

Watch the full 20-minute film or watch one of its four, 5-minute parts. 

Source: Jadaliyya com



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