This tiny cardboard home takes only 1 day to build & last 100 years —By Alesa Erickson on Collective Evolution com| Watch Video

The Cardboard houseCardboard house

Tiny homes have become a social movement we can’t ignore. People all over the world are choosing to downsize the space they live in for a happier life


The Cardboard Home

As mentioned above, tiny homes come in many forms. But have you heard of one made out of cardboard? While most people wouldn’t think this type of material to be suitable for building a comfortable and safe abode, award-winning architects have discovered how to use it to produce remarkably sturdy and reliable shelters. Dutch design studio Fiction Factory has created a design for a tiny “microhome” using cardboard. Complete with a multitude of applications, such as disaster relief, they claim it can last up to 100 years.

Called the Wikkelhouse, or “wrapper house,” the home is made of tough corrugated cardboard panels that adhere to each other with a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly glue.

How It Works …

Easy And Eco-Friendly …

The Cost Of A Wikkelhouse

Read detail and view more on: Collective Evolution com

Watch video on Cardboard House



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