Roshan awards “Student of the Year” scholarships to Afghan Students through their Youth Brand “Yaraan” platform

Roshan's scholarships to Afghan Students

August 15, 2016 – (Kabul, Afghanistan) – Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading communications provider, announced it awarded “Student of the Year” scholarships to thirteen top students from participating universities in Afghanistan. The scholarships were awarded as part of Roshan’s “Yaraan by Roshan” brand, an exclusive platform designed to empower Afghan youth.

“At Roshan, we are committed to providing opportunities for Afghan youth and enabling them to be the next generation of young Afghan leaders,” said Altaf Ladak, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Roshan. “Access to higher education still remains elusive for many talented and ambitious young Afghans who are unable to afford the tuition to top universities in the country. Yaraan’s scholarships help them enroll in these universities and pursue their dreams.”

The “Student of the Year” scholarship is one of several initiatives highlighting Yaraan’s support of Afghan youth. It was launched last year to help students afford higher education. Thirteen universities from across Afghanistan nominated one of their top and most deserving students for the scholarship program, which covers the tuition fee of the student for the entire year.

Despite improvements in the last decade, Afghanistan’s youth population continues to face issues ranging from a high unemployment rate to lack of access to education and other opportunities. To help address these issues, Roshan revamped its Yaraan brand last year by combining products and services with opportunities to help Afghan youth realize their true potentials. This innovative approach has also set a new trend for Afghanistan’s private sector to engage with the youth and support them.

Roshan first launched its Yaraan brand in 2008, becoming the first Afghan company to introduce an exclusive brand in support of the youth of Afghanistan. Last year, Roshan revamped Yaraan and renamed it “Yaraan by Roshan,” supporting Afghan students to gain access to sports, music, arts, education and career development opportunities.

Source: Roshan Afghanistan


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