IDF releases conscientious objector after 67 days in prison — by Haggai Matar on 972 Mag com | She prefer to go to prison by her believe against occupation army

Omri Baranes sat in military prison for 67 days for refusing to join the Israeli army.

Conscientious objector Omri Baranes. (Hila Aloni Ohayon)

Conscientious objector Omri Baranes. (Hila Aloni Ohayon)

After spending 67 days in military prison, Israeli conscientious objector Omri Baranes was officially released from IDF service on Thursday. Baranes, from the city of Rosh HaAyin in central Israel, was recognized by an IDF committee as a pacifist and was thus released on conscientious grounds. The conscientious objectors committee originally reject her request, leading Baranes to refuse to serve in the army and sit in prison.


Yasmin Yablonko, an organizer for conscientious objector organization “Mesarvot,” responded to Baranes’ release:

Omri Baranes’ case clearly shows the army’s twisted worldview toward conscientious objection. Omri may be a pacifist, but the army’s attitude toward pacifism is also twisted. There is an attempt to disconnect conscientious objection from its political context as well as the Israeli reality — a reality of occupation and human rights violations.

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