Aga khan academy, Hydrabad: Science workshop by Austrlian educator to 30 selected students from grades 8, 9 and 10

L1460727Academy Senior School science teachers and 30 selected students from grades 8, 9 and 10 participated in an interactive science workshop last week, organised through the Department of Education and Training at Aus Trade and the Australian High Commission in New Delhi. Dr Ken Silburn, an internationally recognised science educator from Sydney, took two separate sessions for faculty and students in which he demonstrated practical experiments to invigorate classroom learning.

“I don’t think there’s any other job that comes with so many fun activities – it’s always changing and it’s always enjoyable,” said Dr Silburn, whose passion, commitment and skills in science leadership has led to numerous awards, including the prestigious Prime Minister’s Science Prize for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching in 2015.

IMG_20160830_144045Dr Silburn’s session with our science teachers was underpinned by his belief that through active interaction, hands-on activities and encouragement, educators can transform the way students engage with science. He conducted a series of simple experiments to illustrate scientific theories such as gravity, equilibrium and the Doppler effect. Teachers were also encouraged to liven up classroom learning by getting students to show their excitement at learning something new, through clapping on their way out, for instance.


During the student session, Dr Kilburn focused on what most fascinates or interests young learners. Space is a hugely popular topic with teenagers, and space science forms a core element of his classes. Students designed their own rockets, and thoroughly enjoyed launching them into space!

Source. Aga Khan Academies org



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