On the Book “New Researches on the Quran by Dr Seyed Azmayesh | Watch Videos on highlighting

New Researches on the Quran: Why and How Two Versions of Islam Entered the History of Mankind

Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh's new book

This book focuses on the time before the Quran and the emergence of Islam. The research delves into the origin of the Quran, using its verses alongside investigative works which support various new theories. The Quran is a written document which, according to recent discoveries such as, the recently discovered world’s oldest Quran manuscript at the University of Birmingham, can be traced to the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad. It focuses on the time preceding Islam and highlights the relationships that are pivotal for understanding the development of Islam. The danger posed by false interpretations of the Quran has become increasingly more serious from first appearance of Islam until today (…)

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 … In this conference, Dr Azmayesh based on his researches, which are outlined in his new book (New Researches on the Quran-http://www.newresearchesont…), discusses how two versions of Islam have entered history and addresses many of the misconceptions about the Quran.
Dr Azmayesh, also outlines the Quran’s views on important topics such as Human and Woman Rights, values of a Muslim civilisation and how to counter the rise of Islamic extremism within our society.

How to protect our society from Islamic extremism at the European Parliament on 1st March 2016

The discussion points at the conference on how to protect our society from extremism

Interview 1, with Dr Seyed Azmayesh – European Parliament 01-03-2016

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