Ginan Series: Ginan bolo re nit – Recite Ginans everyday!

Thanks Ismailimail team for this noble service-sj


Ismailimail Ginan SeriesIsmailimail in collaboration with Karim Maherali launches a Ginan series which will contain a transliteration and translation of a chosen Ginan. This will serve to promote the understanding of Ismaili Tradition to the wider Jamat and hopefully prepare us for the Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Hazar Imam. Your comments and suggestions for improvement and further discussion are welcome.

Ginan bolo re nit


Eji Ginaan bolo re nit noore bhariyaa
Evo haidde tamaare harakh na may ji……1

O momins! Recite Ginans everyday, for they are filled with Noor. You will have unbounded joy in your hearts.

Comment: Noor is the light of knowledge and wisdom which renews and refreshes the soul and hence is a source of great happiness.

Eji Saamiji aaviyaa naa aavaaj huvaa
Evaa aagal thaki kidhaa tamane jaann ji…….2

O momins! The sounds of the arrival of the Lord are heard. For you…

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