Germany: This year three billion euros from the BMZ budget is earmarked for the task "Displacement and Development" — Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development|Video


Refugees world wide

Worldwide, there are about 60 million displaced people – more than at any other time since World War II. These people are fleeing from suppression and persecution, from war and from human rights abuses. Many thousands more have had to leave their homes because of natural disasters. And there is no end to this dramatic situation in sight.

At present, it is Syrians that constitute the biggest single group of displaced persons – almost 12 million. About 7.6 million are internally displaced persons still living in Syria and about 4.2 million have fled to other countries. About 90 per cent of the people who have fled from Syria have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Only 20 per cent of these people are living in refugee camps, whilst the rest of them have found a place to stay in towns and villages.

Measures to address the refugee crisis are a matter of top priority for German development policy. The work that the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is doing in this regard follows a three-pronged approach: tackling the root causes of displacement, supporting refugees, stabilising and strengthening host communities. Over the course of the current legislative period the BMZ is providing more than twelve billion euros for this work.

This year three billion euros from the BMZ budget is earmarked for the task “Displacement and Development”. Just before the end of 2015, with the Syrian crisis having worsened in the previous weeks and months, the BMZ put together a “Winter Package” made up of an additional 140 million euros. This funding is being used, for example, to provide better health care for two million people in Iraq, to fund food vouchers for up to 750,000 people in Iraq and Lebanon, and to enable 120,000 more children in Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey to go to school.

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