In 15 Years the Aga Khan University has trained Over 2,100 highly skilled nurses in East Africa | Launched E.African Nursing Impact Study

“I have long felt the enhancement of the nursing profession to be absolutely critical to the improvement of health care in the developing world.”

His Highness the Aga Khan Chancellor, The Aga Khan University



After graduating over 2,100 high quality nurses over 15 years, the Aga Khan University launches a comprehensive study of its nursing programme in East Africa.
This study – the first of its kind – provides both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis to provide insights about the impact that the nursing programme in East Africa has made since its inception in 2001.
Working in partnership with the the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust for over 15 years, the Aga Khan University has been able to systemically improve the quality of nursing in a region where nurses form the backbone of the healthcare workforce. Some highlights from the report:

  • Over 2,100 highly skilled nurses trained across Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.
  • 90% of nurses have stayed in the region after graduation.
  • Over 60% of these nurses work in the public sector, strengthening public systems.
  • Those working in clinical positions directly benefit over 2 million people each year at a conservative estimate.
  • Over 100 have gone on to take leadership positions including as Chief Nurses, Hospital CEOs and senior policy makers indirectly benefitting many millions more.


More  on Aga Khan Foundation UK



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