Experimental Silicon Valley School Abolishes Grade Levels — VOA News com | Video on Abolishes Grade Levels and Providing Free Online Education

LOS ANGELES — Employing a startup style, Khan Lab School brings back one-room concept to teach young students

Silicon Valley, known for its innovative tech companies and startups, also is the birthplace of an experimental school that is disrupting the traditional concept of education.

2016-12-11 (3)

Twelve-year-old Mishal Junaid loves the unconventional methods of this Khan Lab School.

“When I wake up in the morning I want to wake up, unlike my last school where I want to sleep in and not go to school,” she said.

Junaid and her sister’s response to the school surprises their parents.

“Our children, they love going to school, to the point that even if they are tired or sick or have the flu or whatever, they will not skip school. To the point that we worry why kids come home so happy — are they really learning things?” asked Junaid Qurashi, Mishal’s father.

No homework (…)

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 Experimental Start-Up Style Silicon Valley School Abolishes Grade Levels

Khan Academy Providing Free Online Education to People Worldwide — VOA Video 

VOA News

The Khan Lab School, founded by Salman Khan, is an experimental school in Silicon Valley, California, that disrupts the conventional educational model. His Khan Academy, which offers free online education to anyone, anywhere, is reaching out to tens of millions of learners through its online lectures. VOA reporter Saqib Ul Islam visited Khan to find out more.
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