Hyderabad,India: Paigah tombs complex to be added to Swadesh Darshan circuit — By Serish Nanisetti on Hindu com |Talk in progress with AKTC

The Paigah tombs complex at Phisalbanda on the fringes of Hyderabad, is set to be added to the Swadesh Darshan circuit along with Qutb Shahi tombs, Raymond’s tomb, and Hayat Baqshi Begum masjid.

Restoration: Some of the intricate jaali work, multi-cusped arches, and double pillars inside the open-to-sky tomb of Asman Jah Bahadur.   | Photo Credit: Serish Nanisetti

The tombs — numbering a few dozen — are where the Paigahs, who were the armed guards during the reign of the Nizams, are buried along with their wives and mistresses. Inside the walled enclosure are some examples of the most exquisite sepulchral craftsmanship and art of the 18th and 19th century.

“We have proposed that the tombs complex be added to the Swadesh Darshan circuit, and we are in talks with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture for technical support. They have experimented with the conservation work there. The stucco, marble jaali (latticed screens), and friezes need special care as they are very intricate,” said N.R. Visalatchy, Director of the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Telangana.


Read full on: The Hindu com



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