Introduction to Interfaith Leadership — By Dominican University and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) | The eight-lesson curriculum are completely free to download

Dominican University and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) have built an eight-lesson curriculum exploring the fundamentals of Interfaith Leadership through generous funding from the Henry Luce Foundation. The world today requires interfaith leaders, and this course offers a comprehensive and academically rigorous examination of this concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my students learn through the Introduction to Interfaith Leadership course?

This eight-lesson course covers an array of topics, beginning with fundamental questions around religious identity and moving on to building blocks of social theory, pluralism, and religious literacy. Students will explore some of the history of interfaith cooperation in the United States, learn skills such as dialogue facilitation, and be able to better recognize and address issues of religious difference and its impact on everyday life, including in several professional sectors such as business, medicine, and education.

Who is the appropriate audience for this course?

The course was designed to be engaged by undergraduate students in the classroom, either through blended or online learning models. Some campus professionals have also found these materials useful for student leadership trainings, interfaith clubs, and even staff development. The skills and knowledge included in this course will be relevant to students interested in the liberal arts and humanities, as well as professions such as medicine, business, education, and technology that are experiencing rapid religious diversification.

What does this curriculum include?

Each of the eight lessons is divided into 3-5 short modules, consisting of dynamic video content, discussion questions, and recommended readings and learning activities. Several videos feature Eboo Patel, president and founder of Interfaith Youth Core, and interviews with young professionals in a variety of fields, sharing their own experiences with interfaith leadership in their day-to-day lives. These multiple elements work together to strengthen student learning, and encourage application of that learning to students’ lives outside the classroom. See descriptions of each module with sample components.

May I use certain modules in my courses, instead of the whole curriculum?

This course was designed with rigorous attention to learning outcomes and process, and therefore functions best as a whole, with lessons and modules building on one another. However, it was also designed to be adaptable to the diverse needs of individual courses and faculty, which is why we have identified the learning objectives of each module, and have packaged each module individually. We encourage you to pick and choose the modules that will best serve your students, and to use only what works for you.

How do I access the resources, and what does IFYC need from me in return?

These resources are completely free for you to download and use in your course or program. In early 2017 we are revamping the course web page, and ask that you contact Esther Boyd (info below) for access. In exchange, we ask that you help us to assess these resources and to gather pertinent information on how they are being used. This curriculum is a pilot program for IFYC, and your responses will be invaluable to our continued work in the area of curriculum development. Once you download this curriculum, IFYC will contact you to offer support and solicit information about your plans for implementation, and by downloading these materials, you agree to provide this information to the best of your ability. You also agree to credit IFYC and Dominican University where appropriate, and to participate in relevant follow-up and assessment.

What have other faculty said about the course?

“My students used to resent having to take a required religions course.  They thought it was useless and irrelevant to their major fields of study.  Most of them invested the bare minimum of effort needed just to pass.  IFYC’s Interfaith Leadership curriculum resources help them to see how crucial it is for them, in their professional lives, to have the skills and knowledge to build bridges with diverse people who orient around religion differently.  The quality of their written and oral assignments has rocketed up Bloom’s taxonomy from basic religious literacy knowledge, to keen analysis, application, and evaluation.”

Joan Crist, Calumet College of St. Joseph

Who can I talk to for more information, or for assistance implementing this curriculum into my course?

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about how to best integrate these resources into an existing course or plan for a new course, contact Esther Boyd, Manager of Curriculum Development at or (312) 376-4777.




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