Saving an Afghan symbol, with Afghans only


Saving an Afghan symbol, with Afghans onlySource: New York Times By Rod Nordland

As an exercise in national pride, the project to rebuild the Darulaman Palace — ruined by four decades of war — is currently under way, with no foreign help

Nothing symbolises the wrack and ruin of Afghanistan and its four decades of war better than Darulaman Palace, a once-magnificent edifice visible on its hillock perch for miles around.

The palace has been pummelled and pockmarked by every conceivable calibre of weapon fired by nearly every faction in the country’s recent wars, with the possible exception of the Americans and their allies, because it was too damaged by the time they arrived to provide much useful cover.

[…] That should come as no surprise, said Ajmal Maiwandi, head of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, which provides technical advice on the project (from its Afghan experts). “It’s been more than a decade and a…

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