Mombasa,Kenya:Aga Khan Academy Wins CASA Junior 11 Years and Under Swim Competition — Coast Week com

Coastweek — The Aga Khan Mombasa swimming team took the overall shield of the Coast Amateur Swimming Association (CASA) Junior Swimming Championships held last weekend at the Aga Khan Academy pool Mombasa.

Coastweek — The Swimming Team of Aga Khan Academy Mombasa wins the Overall Shield in the CASA Junior Swimming Championships.

The event which catered for all 11 years and under attracted swimmers from Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, Bandari Swim Club, Blue Ocean Swim Club, Braeburn Mombasa International, Mombasa Aquatics Club, Nyali Primary School, Octopus Swimming Club, Oshwal Academy Mombasa and Tudor Swimming Club.

Twenty five gold medals, thirteen silver medals and ten bronze medals were won through Manal Idow, Ethan Maina, Jordan Ribeiro, Alexandra Hart, Ameir Muravej, Tugi Mwige, Ivan Hart, Sathyam Gohil, Gakenya Mwige, Aryen Muravej, Nahal Swaleh, Michael Odhiambo, Joshua Masakha, Aashika Varia, Lauren Okeyo, Collin Akeno, Shalini Majithia and Rayan Pasta for their school; The Aga Khan Academy.

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