Islamic Humanism: On-line Presentation by Professor Noor Gillani

Thank you Ismailimail and Arif Ali for providing us chance to participate in on-line presentation on Islamic Humanism with Professor Noor Gillani last March. With warmest regards from Germany –sj


Model of Individual Human Development to the Fullest Potential – Based on the Qur’anic Concept of Human Being

Introducing Noor Gillani, speaker ‪‎Global Peace Event‬Noor V. Gillani, D. Sc. is an Ismaili Muslim, of ethnic Indian origin, born in Tanzania, and educated in Tanzania, UK and USA.

Noor did his A.B cum laude at Harvard (1967), his doctorate (1974) at Washington U. in St. Louis (WUSTL) and then joined the WUSTL faculty, becoming Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1985). Noor joined NASA (Principal Res. Scientist) and the U. of AL in Huntsville (Prof. of Atmospheric Science) in 1995. He spent 15 years in these positions before retiring in 2010.

From 1987-97, he was Member of Aga Khan Education Board of the USA and Founder-National Director of its Project PIAR (fore-runner of ECDC) for child development and parent empowerment. It was for PIAR that he first developed his model of Islamic Humanism.

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  1. Arif Ali says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable online video of Dr. Gillani’s talk on Islamic Humanism. I hope you enjoyed it.


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