Lahore Fort’s Picture Wall: a collage of colours and lights — Tribune com | One of the Partner is also Aga Khan Cultural Service

LAHORE: In order to promote night tourism in Lahore, the entire picture wall of Lahore Fort has been illuminated with 90 lights at a cost of Rs1.95 million.

The wall is 1,400-foot-long and this is the first project in terms of illumination which will be replicated to other parts of the Lahore Fort



Walled City of Lahore Authority (WLCA) Director General Kamran Lasharie said that the Lahore Fort’s wall is considered the world’s largest picture wall. It is sad that not many people were aware of it, he added.

“Despite its historical importance and uniqueness, this wall remained one of the neglected parts of the Lahore Fort for a long time,” he said. “We have now made it look beautiful at night and hopefully the amazing view at night will attract a lot of tourists.”

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The Nation Writes:

LAHORE-The entire picture wall of Lahore Fort has been illuminated. 90 lights have been used on 1400 feet long wall. This is done with a cost of Rs. 1.95 million. There are various decorative schemes used on the facade including  the typologies of glazed tile mosaic work, filigree work, fresco painting,  brick imitation  work, glazed lime plaster, pietra dura work, stone fret work, cut and dressed brick work and terracotta screens.

Illumination of Lahore Fort’s picture wall


Najamussaqib Director Conservation was of the view “ In September 2015, the Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan began the documentation, presentation and promotion of the Lahore Fort Picture Wall, with financial support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture facilitated by the Walled City of Lahore Authority.”

“Now we have illuminated this wall for the first time in the history of Pakistan. This type of project is planned to start with the night tourism in Lahore which is long awaited by the tourists. With the development of Greater Iqbal Park I think this will become a good route for the tourists at night,” he said.

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AKDN on Lahore Historical  Monuments Development Project.


Growing awareness about Lahore’s historic and socio-cultural importance, particularly its Mughal heritage, among prominent businessmen, political leaders and the higher educated, as well as their acknowledgment of the high standards of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC)’s conservation and rehabilitation efforts, has led to a  number of key partnerships.

These include the Government of Punjab, the Walled city of Lahore Authority, the World Bank, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Embassy of Germany and the US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation.

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