‘Chunfengdeyi’–(means ‘happy in Germany) Chinese bloggers in Germany |German Embassy invited three Blogers from China

Promoting a positive image of Germany abroad is an important job for German missions abroad. But how does it work in practice? Our Embassy in Beijing has taken an innovative approach and invited three popular bloggers to Germany – with great success!

Blogger and street artist Qi Xinghua in Berlin

Blogger and street artist Qi Xinghua in Berlin

Chunfengdeyi – happy in Germany

Many young Chinese think of Germany as efficient, successful and a bit boring. The German Embassy in Beijing wants to change this image and is conducting an online campaign in summer 2017 to promote Germany as an interesting destination for travel to a young Chinese audience. The campaign is called Chunfengdeyi, which means “happy in Germany”.

At the heart of the campaign are three short trips to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich by popular Chinese bloggers with an interest in Germany. The bloggers cover a wide range of topics – art, journalism and food. Their visits to Germany will take place between June and August. And their followers are in with a chance to win one of three trips to Germany for two people in September – they just need to follow the posts closely!

Qi Xinghua – art in Park am Gleisdreieck in Berlin

The first trip was made from 26 to 30 June by internationally successful street artist Qi Xinghua, who has around a million followers on Chinese social media. During his visit, he created an impressive work of street art in Park am Gleisdreieck in Berlin. He was accompanied by a video artist and also wrote a blog about his experiences in Berlin and the region, including a visit to the East Side Gallery, trips to Potsdam and Teufelsberg, a concert in Pierre Boulez Saal, and encounters with Berliners

Qi Xinghua making graffiti in Park am Gleisdreieck

Qi Xinghua making graffiti in Park am Gleisdreieck

In this way, Qi Xinghua was able to convey the special atmosphere in Berlin to his young Chinese audience. He was followed by over 200,000 netizens on each day of his trip, and the hashtag #chunfengdey has already been viewed over a million times. The trip was co‑organised by the German Embassy Beijing and Visit Berlin.

Visits to Hamburg and Munich

In late July, a popular journalist and blogger will explore Hamburg by bike and also visit Schwerin. Well‑known food blogger Shishang Xiaomi will undertake a culinary voyage of discovery in Munich and Würzburg in August.

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Source: Federal Foreign Office



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