Aga Khan Foundation UK thanks 7 Runners for taking part in Ealing Half Marathon

Thank you to the #RunForAKF team who participated in the Ealing Half Marathon on Sunday 24 September!

These amazing 9 runners – Nazish Bana, Nadeem Hirji, Riyah Jiwan, Hussein Kassam, Hanif Moledina, Farah Noorani, Neelam Pankhania, Zohra Salim and Zeeshan Somji – are on track to raise close to £3,500!
100% of these funds will go towards development programmes including educating girls to help them reach their potential; increasing access to clean water; providing healthcare for mothers and children; and improving safety for regions affected by natural disasters.
These efforts will help to break the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life for marginalised communities around the world.
Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who came on the day and made it so special for the #RunForAKF team.
For more pictures and videos, visit us on the AKF UK News and Events
Instagram and Facebook pages!

Look out for more opportunities in the UK and Europe in 2018 to participate in other AKF runs and activities.
Thank you for your ongoing support!

Source: AKF UK


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