Videos on 2018 Natural Beauty: Niagara Falls Frozen!! Spectacular!!

Niagara Falls is Coated in Ice

The abnormally cold weather in North America has led to the illusion of a freezing Niagara Falls. The falling water itself didn’t freeze, but the water spray turned to ice in the air and settled on stones and trees, creating the effect of a frozen waterfall.

Source: Sputnik

Published on 1 Jan 2018


Niagara Falls Frozen!! Spectacular!!

Source: GTA Reporter

Published on 1 Jan 2018


Niagara Falls becomes ice-covered spectacle – BBC News

Temperatures are predicted to remain below minus 10 degrees Celsius for the next week. The last time the waterfall froze over completely was in January 2014, when temperatures reached minus 19 degrees Celsius.

Source: BBC News

Published on 31 Dec 2017


Niagara Falls Is A-MAZING Right Now

Sure, your pipes and your breath are freezing. But when Mother Nature sends brutally cold temperatures through much of the country, she paints some gorgeous landscapes with her frozen brush

3,160 tons of water continue to flow over Niagara Falls every second. But with icy temperatures freezing the Northeast and Niagra Falls in particular, the mist from the cascading water is freezing as it lands on the surrounding rocks, railings and everything else in its path. According to The Buffalo News, the results are breathtaking images of “frozen Niagara Falls” being spread around the world.

Technically the falls aren’t frozen. Everything around them, though, is dripping with icicles and covered in snow. Some have commented that it’slike something out of a wintry Disney movie.

Source: Wochit News

Published on 2 Jan 2018


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