Karachi, Pakistan: Watch 6 part video on how the progressive women are changing the society with love in ‘Divas of Karachi’

When western media writes about Karachi, they associates as City of terrorism, Crimes and all sort of negative images. This great city is not different then New York, London  or Paris. There is the bright side of the coin which rarely mention.

Watch 6 part video how the progressive and educated women are changing the society.

2018-01-07 (2)

Divas of Karachi Ep. 1 “Karachi Rocks for Me”

A group of fashionable, successful socialites in Pakistan are doing all they can to change the image of their hometown, Karachi, the 4th largest city in the world. Meet Hadia, who runs a clothing company called The Pink Tree (along with Mohsin, a self-described diva himself); Nazneen, an adventurous, generous philanthropist and fixture of society pages; and former model Uzma, who went from auto racing to fundraising.

Divas of Karachi Ep. 2 “Charity and Glitzy-Bling”

Ainee, a tastemaker and charity fundraiser, runs into trouble while setting up one of the most important charity galas of the Karachi social season. Meanwhile, Hadia and Mohsin realize that Nazneen’s jewelry collection may come in handy for a photo shoot for their fashion label, The Pink Tree.

Divas of Karachi Ep. 3 “We’ve Ditched the Tradition”

Hadia is torn having to balance work and family, and then, on the day of the big photo shoot, she leaves Mohsin in charge and everything seems to go awry. A new model, a young photographer, a photo shoot on a public bus, and Nazneen and her jewelry nowhere to be found – what could possibly go wrong?

Divas of Karachi Ep. 4 “Talking Turkey and Conquering Fears”

After a traumatic ATV accident left her never wanting to race cars off road again, Uzma confronts her fears. Meanwhile, Ainee, whose idea of entertaining is celebrating as many holidays as possible, hosts a typical American-style Thanksgiving where sports and politics (including American) dominate dinner table conversation.

Divas of Karachi Ep. 5 “Friends to the Rescue!”

The day of The Pink Tree wedding wear launch is finally here, but will anyone show up? Mohsin is stressed out and in a bad mood, which puts Hadia in a bad mood, too; will the other ladies come to their rescue?

Divas of Karachi Ep. 6 “Behind the Scenes of Divas of Karachi”

Go behind the scenes of the docuseries Divas of Karachi with its creator, writer and director Senain Kheshgi, who grew up in America but was born in Karachi. She reveals her personal motivations for bringing the city to a wider audience, and discusses her favorite moments, deleted takes and behind the scenes details.

Source: Indie Lens Storycast

Published on 28 Nov 2017


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