4 facts about religion in New Zealand — PEW Research Center

New Zealand’s small but growing Muslim population is in the news of late after a terrorist attack left 50 dead and dozens injured at two mosques in Christchurch last week. Many have expressed shock that these attacks could occur in New Zealand, where crime rates are low, mass shootings are rare and people are largely accepting of religious minorities and immigrants. At the same time, world leaders cite the massacres as the latest example of rising nationalism and Islamophobia around the world.


Here are four facts about religion and religious tolerance in New Zealand.

1 Almost all New Zealanders said in a 2011-2012 survey that they would accept a neighbor of a different religion.


2 Muslims make up a very small share of the population in New Zealand


3 New Zealand has some of the lowest levels of government restrictions on religion in the world


4.New Zealand had “low” levels of social hostilities involving religion in 2016 (with a Social Hostilities Index score of 0.9 out of 10).


Read detail and view Graphics on PEW Research  org

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