Imamat Day 2019 – "4 Precious Moments" — JollyGul com Video “4 Precious Moments” video is the last of the 3 videos we are presenting to the Jamat for Imamat Day 2019. We celebrate Mawlana Hazar Imam’s leadership and his unconditional & boundless love for us all in this 5-minute video.

Listen to the instrumental version of “saaheb jee tu(n) more man bhaave” ginan as we present the “4 Precious Moments” — 4 out of the so many that Mawlana Hazar Imam has blessed us with over the last 62 years.

4 Precious Moments in the video:

* Ambitious For The Jamat

* Time & Knowledge Nazrana

* Only The Soul Is Eternal

* No Mountain, No River, No Desert

“4 Precious Moments”

The JollyGul Team – volunteers and professionals – wish the Jamat heartiest Imamat Day Mubarak. We will continue to bring you spiritually inspiring and engaging content. That is our mission.


Gulamhussein Gulamani

Published on 8 Jul 2019

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