Fair Observer com: Shattering Stereotypes With Aga Khan IV and the Ismaili Community — Article by Sahir Dewji

A Muslim leader dispels fears of diversity and Islamophobia by fostering a cosmopolitan ethic through architecture.

Ismaili Centre Toronto © Karima Jivani

Ismaili Centre Toronto © Karima Jivani

The rise of Islamophobia and the increase in hate crimes targeted at Muslims point to the lasting effect of Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations” thesis. Twenty-three years after the publication of his book, the image of a “violent and irrational” Muslim continues to plague current policies and society at large.

Canada prides itself as being a multicultural nation that embraces diversity, yet anti-Muslim sentiments still remain a growing concern. Muslim Canadians continue to be the target of right-wing political ideas that ignite anxieties around Muslim expressions of identity. An Ipsos poll published in May suggests that discrimination against Muslims has become more acceptable in Canada.

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