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“From the first Costeau film I saw and the fish I started keeping at the age of five, the first octopus and cuttlefish that squirted ink at me….I knew I couldn’t, wouldn’t stop exploring the sea” — Prince Hussain Aga Khan, from foreword to the book Diving Into Wildlife.

front-cover-diving-into-wildlife-by-hussain-aga-khan“The work of Hussain Aga Khan is visual poetry created in the sea that seduces the viewer to discover her mysteries and leads people to care. And when people care, change becomes possible” — Brian Skerry

Publisher/Editor, Simerg

In 2015, Prince Hussain Aga Khan published his latest book, Diving Into Wildlife, a collection of extraordinary underwater photographs taken by the Prince in the Maldives, Tonga, Malaysia, Bahamas, Mexico and Egypt.

Diving Into Wildlife is published under the auspices of Focused on Nature (FON), an agency founded and established by Prince Hussain to “assist in the conservation and protection of threatened and endangered species, as well as habitat conservation efforts when and where possible.”

Focused on Nature seeks to fulfill this mission by providing grants to projects around the world which the FON team has identified and vetted as having immediate impacts in wildlife conservation, protection, preservation, and education. The funds distributed by FON to deserving organizations are raised by either direct contributions to FON or from the sale of unique and fine objects including limited edition photographs, art, clothing articles and books such as Diving Into Wildlife.

It gives us great pleasure to inform our readers that the Office of Prince Hussain has made available to Simerg copies of Diving Into Wildlife, as follows:


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