Welcome to ‘Happyness’: In ancient times Gilgit was known as ‘Sargin Gileet’ which means the happy land of Gilgit in Shina language — Pamir Times Net


Rabia Tariq

In addition to Novroz 20 March was also the world ‘happy day’. In ancient times Gilgit was known as ‘Sargin Gileet’ which means the happy land of Gilgit in Shina language. Every year United Nations conducts a survey and announces the happiest countries worldwide. This year Norway was announced the happiest place in the world.

Life today is not as simple as it was in the past. Even though life today is more comfortable compared to past but our desires, expectations and goals have increased. This has made us less happy and less satisfied. Financial problems, problems in education or job, sickness, not being able to do or have what you want, corruption are some of the more common reasons of unhappiness in the society. It is necessary to have a positive attitude while tackling problems so that they do not destroy the peace of mind.

One thing to remember in life is money does not buy happiness. Money is an important thing in life and all necessities of life are bought with money but more money does not necessarily mean more happiness. A famous quote: ‘the best things in life are not things’. Here are some other simple ways to happiness.

Drinking tea

It might sound surprising that tea makes a person happy. Plenty of scientific studies have proved it.  It reduces stress and increases the happy hormone ‘dopamine’ in mind. Tea is relaxing and a cup of tea before study increases the ability to concentrate and focus.

Spending time with elders


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